Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spike Lee’s documentary, When the Levee's Broke illustrates what happens when a nation turns its back on its people. In this case, it is the people of New Orleans. As Lee states President Bush remained on vacation and took two entire weeks before responding to hurricane Katrina and sending help. (God forbid) If a hurricane hit Washington D.C., the nation wouldn't have taken two weeks to help the president, so how dare he not send help quicker to New Orleans? Where is the justice in that? Too many people were killed, houses were destroyed, families were separated, shouts for help were made, but for two weeks those voices were left unheard.
Spike Lee's documentary serves as a medium so that the voices of New Orleans can be heard and so that the damage that has been done cannot just be imagined, but visualized and internalized as well. In my opinion this documentary serves one purpose and that is to open America's eyes to the social injustices the people of New Orleans are facing. If I had not have seen When the Levee's Broke I wouldn't have been able to picture all of the damage or know that despite all that has been done there is a since of hope for a brighter day. More than anything, I am excited about making an impact on the lives of the people in New Orleans. Thus, when I travel to New Orleans I plan to work as hard as I can, for I know this city can be restored of its greatness.

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