Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pre-trip Expectations& When the Levees Broke

Watching the Spike Lee documentary, When the Levees Broke, it is truly heartbreaking to see the devastation that took place in New Orleans. The damage portrayed through the photos and video clips in the documentary was incredibly shocking. It is almost as though this once vibrant city brimming with life and culture was forgotten. Injustice is very much alive and it is our responsibility as human beings to help out our fellow man. The lack of assistance and help provided was deplorable. When the Levees Broke reaffirmed excited I am to go to New Orleans and to perform meaningful work in reviving this city. While I know that it is never enough, every little bit makes a difference.

I'm glad that Bonner has given us this opportunity to bring about some real change and I look forward to working with everyone. It will definitely be a great learning experience!

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