Thursday, January 6, 2011

NOLA 2011...Who dat?

Tomorrow starts my second consecutive Bonner journey to the Big Easy, Nawlins, Crescent City, NOLA, or simply New Orleans, Louisiana. I hope everyone is as excited as I am. The awesome Bonner Staff was gracious enough to allow me to chaperon, so I hope my presence provides both entertainment and leadership for all you first year Bonners. Anyway, I re-watched the long but very well done documentary by Spike Lee. For some reason, I was more angry and upset after watching it this time than when I first saw it. I guess it's because I can actually point out places in the documentary that we got to visit last year, and can feel the effects first hand.
Last year, the team I was with was stationed across Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, LA. I'm hoping that the team I'm with this year will be stationed somewhere in New Orleans instead. Our homeowner was also not too talkative, to say the least, so I'm hoping I get a really social one this time. Besides that, I'm just excited to be able to get the chance to go down there again, and offer my helping hand in the ongoing reconstruction efforts. It's a shame that most of the nation has forgotten about the devastation the Gulf region experienced, but I'm just glad we are all being given the opportunity to show we care.

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