Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am very excited to be going on NOLA! I've always wanted to go to New Orleans and working to help in the wake of Katrina seems the perfect way to spend time down there. It still is hard for me to believe that so many years after the hurricane so little has been done. News footage of Katrina makes the city look like a complete disaster. Almost everything that occurred post-hurricane just seemed to multiply the disaster. I still remember watching footage of people breaking into shops just to feed themselves. At the time I couldn't believe that such an event was occurring in America, a country with such resources and power. In fact, I still can't believe that. I know that the city hasn't recovered despite all the years that have passed. Going into New Orleans I expect a variety of different things. I, of course, expect to do construction work but I also expect to learn a lot about the city itself from the people who live there. New Orleans extends beyond the just the French Quarter and Marti Gras parties, and I'm excited to really discover it.

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