Sunday, January 9, 2011


While driving around NOLA today, I felt disappointed. Disappointed at the fact that after five years, this city is not built to atleast half the city it was before Katrina. Driving around and seeing all those abandoned houses with X's on them was really heartbreaking. I know many people have looked at pictures in the news but seeing it in person is completely different. Seeing how much people lost because of this storm and on top of that enduring obstacle by obstacle is unfathomable. Why is it that when people most need help, they can't get it. For this to be happening in a developed country, its embarassing to see how much little progress has been accomplished. One of the things that really got to me were seeing the stairs to the entry of a house but nothing else. Thinking about how someones life can just disapper in an instant makes you really appreciate what we have even more. I hope that during this trip, I will be able to give back a little of what these people lost during Katrina.

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