Friday, January 7, 2011


Is this thing on? ( taps mic ) ! Okay, so, today is the day ! I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for the service we are going to be doing ! I feel beyond privileged to be apart of a team that share the same drive and passion for helping our communities as I do. Honestly, It's been awhile since I really paid any attention to what was going on in New Orleans after Katrina. When it first happened, I felt a sense of devastation that so many people were affected by this storm, yet even then I don't think I really understood the severity of it! As the years continued to pass , the thought of katrina even happening sort of got pushed to the back of my mind! I never forgot that it happened , but due to the fact that it seemed so far away from me, and I felt disconnected from NOLA as if it was happening to another world ! As i watched When the Levees broke , I was brought back to a reality, only this time it clearly dawned on me that Katrina did happen and people are still being affected by it ! As I was watching the movie , I began to feel connected to the community of NOLA! Yes, I am miles away, but I now felt connected as if I was once there , or knew people there ! Hearing the stories about the families tribulations gave me the urge above no other to get down there and get to work ! The fact that parents were moving their children out of the place that made them the person they are because there was no place for their children to play, frustrated me in a sense! WHY HADN't i already been down there , helping make this situation better for these kids?! They need us, we need them! WE are the community, no matter what state, district, city or town! No matter how many miles apart, we need eAch other! With that being said, NOLA here we come baby ! :)

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