Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Excited for NOLA!

Hi everyone! This is Esther--- I graduated from TCNJ in May and I am now on staff at the Bonner Center. In January 2008 I took my first trip to NOLA with the Bonners. During that trip I was so shocked to see all of the devastation that still plagued the once beautiful city. Ever since, first year Bonners have gone on a trip to NOLA during winter break to rebuild. This year I am excited to be on staff and chaperoning the trip. I am really anxious to get down there and see how much progress has been made over the last 3 years since I was last there. I am hoping to see positive improvements throughout the city, but I am not na├»ve. I know that there still must be so much work left to do! I can’t wait to get down there and get to work. Hearing stories from people and families that we have helped makes it all worthwhile because we help to really rebuild their lives.

Looking forward to getting back to work and blogging from NOLA :)

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